DDivine Training began as an idea to make football accessible to all children.

This idea evolved into a passionate commitment, resulting in a practical solution to ensure inclusivity in football for kids of all backgrounds, both within and outside of schools. The concept of making football available to everyone was initially envisioned by our founder, Danny Divine. He, along with our team, has a rich background in playing and coaching football at a high level 

Danny’s own journey in football started as a childhood passion, later turning into a professional career with Gillingham FC.

Despite facing injuries during his time at the club, he continued to contribute to the sport by working for companies coaching football in school clubs and academies. It was in this role that he developed a strong desire to make football inclusive for all children. 

Our vision and aims:

With the increase in anxiety amongst young people since COVID, we aim to: 

Make sports and football accessible, fun and safe for all kids.

Deliver reliable high-quality football coaching sessions to kids both in and out of school.

Take the pressure off kids, schools and parents.

Provide high-level football coaching to further develop kids abilities.

What we currently provide

Due to COVID lockdowns, Danny adapted by offering online football coaching sessions to ensure kids could still participate in football. Post-lockdown, he taught football in schools through after-school clubs and conducted 1-on-1 sessions outside of school. Positive feedback and recommendations led to increased involvement around schools, contributing to the growth of the team and the expansion of our services.

Curricular and extra-curricular

Football coaching through P.E lessons, lunchtime clubs and after school football clubs. 

School football league

A structured school football league organised by DDivine Training. 

Holiday football camps

Football camps run by Danny and his team during school holidays. 

Football development sessions

Higher level of football coaching to develop football skill and understanding allowing attendees to showcase abilities to local teams.


Every child deserves the chance to participate in variety of sports in P.E and also extracurricular football clubs without obstacles. Our trained and qualified coaches minimise barriers to participation, freeing up school resources. We are already working with 18 schools, if you’re interested in high-quality, fun, safe and inclusive P.E and/or extracurricular, contact our friendly team below – it’s quick and easy.