Do your P.E teachers need assistance in delivering high-quality P.E sessions?

All of our fully trained coaches are dedicated to ensuring all sports are inclusive, enjoyable, and safe for every student in your school. We collaborate with your P.E teachers to plan, structure and deliver reliable high-quality P.E sessions to your pupils reducing the admin, time and resource restraints whilst providing the best experience to your pupils.

Provide your pupils with an inclusive, fun and safe P.E experience.

We understand the challenges of managing a school, juggling precious resources like staff, time, effort and money. Sometimes allocating resources fairly across all areas of the school can put a strain on the quality and frequency of sessions in P.E lessons. On top of that, P.E. teachers may struggle to find time to find the time amongst their busy schedules to learn, plan and implement the latest and most up-to-date sessions and drills across a range of sports. This is where we step in, partnering with you to deliver inclusive, safe, and enjoyable sessions that help students develop and enhance their skills. 

Why should you work with us?

Safe & Fun For All

One of the most important benefit our services bring is making sports accessible, fun and safe for all kids regardless of their abilities. 

Expertise & Quality

Our highly trained coaches have vast experience making them qualified to deliver quality and reliable P.E coaching sessions. 

Relieves Pressure

Our P.E sessions not only provide a safe place for kids to enjoy sports but also take the pressure and demand off of schools and P.E teachers. 

Advance Skills

We also offer advanced football coaching to further enhance children’s football abilities and support their progress in their football journey.


Our all-encompassing sports participation and training sessions cover outside-of-school and extra-curricular football sessions but one of our most popular services is our curricular P.E sports sessions. Within our curricular P.E sessions in schools, our qualified coaches plan and deliver structured highly structured and quality training and coaching that are inclusive for all kids of any ability.

Planned P.E sessions

Our experienced and qualified coaches plan lessons ahead of time taking away all the time-consuming admin and pressure from schools and P.E teachers. 

Flexible & a full range of services

We can provide morning P.E sessions, lunchtime clubs as well as afternoon P.E lessons. We’re flexible to fit around your schedule wherever/whenever you need us most. 

Well-structured training

Each lesson is well-organised, starting with a 10-minute warm-up, followed by skill-focused drills, challenges, and progressive training then concluding with a group recap. 

Inclusive, safe & fun participation

Like all our services, our curricular services prioritise the pupils, making sure everyone feels included and enjoys fun sessions with their peers, relieving any pressure. 

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We are currently partnered with schools across the nation to deliver planned, structured and high-quality P.E sessions that are inclusive, safe and fun for their pupils. Discover how schools, teachers and pupils are benefiting from our services. 

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Every child deserves the chance to participate in sports without obstacles. Our trained and qualified coaches minimise barriers to participation, freeing up school resources. We are already working with 18 schools, if you’re interested in high-quality, fun, safe and inclusive curricular P.E sessions and/or extra-curricular football sessions, contact our friendly team below—it’s quick and easy.