We help you deliver inclusive, fun and high-quality after school football sessions for your pupils.

As a school you should be able to deliver reliable, inclusive and fun after-school football clubs to your pupils without resources like time, staff and money being a barrier. We offer qualified coaches that lead high-quality football sessions, supporting you in relieving the pressure on your staff and school resources.

Students' engagement with their school goes beyond regular hours

Collaborating with schools, we extend the connection between the school and students outside of the curriculum through after-school football clubs. However, schools often face challenges in consistently offering well-structured and high-quality clubs due to limited resources. To address this, we partner with schools to ease the burden on school resources by running reliable and high-quality after-school football clubs requiring zero admin from the school.

Our clubs provide students with a fun activity to enjoy with their friends. On top of that, our extra-curricular football services take the pressure off of parents by offering a safe place for their children to spend time after school while they work. 

Why should your school partner with us to give your students the best possible after school football clubs?

Safe & Fun For All

One of the most important benefits our services bring is making football accessible, fun and safe for all children regardless of their abilities. 

Expertise & Quality

Our highly trained coaches have vast experience making them qualified to deliver quality and reliable football sessions after school. 

Relieves Pressure

Our football sessions not only provide a safe place for children to enjoy football but also take the pressure and demand off schools and P.E teachers. 

Helps Parents

Gives parents peace of mind by providing them with a safe and trustworthy place to leave their child whilst they work removing the pressure on them. 


We provide comprehensive football training for both school P.E. classes and extra-curricular clubs. Our qualified coaches lead after-school football clubs tailored to include all children, regardless of their ability. These clubs are more relaxed, allowing pupils to have a say in the session activities.

No admin effort needed on school’s behalf

During the after-school football clubs we take the register on behalf of the school and will take full responsibility and control of the sessions if required. 

High-quality football coaching

Pupils will get high-quality football sessions with the latest and most up to date football coaching and training drills, methods and approaches. 

Pupils are involved in session activities

We give your pupils a voice in deciding the football activities for after-school clubs, making sure they have fun and look forward to each session. 

Inclusive, safe and fun participation

Like all our services, our extra-curricular services prioritise the pupils, making sure everyone feels included and enjoys fun sessions with their peers, relieving any pressure. 

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We are currently partnered with schools across the nation to deliver inclusive, fun and safe extra-curricular football clubs that are centred around pupils enjoying themselves. Discover how schools, teachers and pupils are benefiting from our services. 

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Every child deserves the chance to participate in football without obstacles. Our trained and qualified coaches minimise barriers to participation, freeing up school resources. We are already working with 18 schools, if you’re interested in high-quality, fun, safe and inclusive extra-curricular and/or curricular football sessions, contact our friendly team below – it’s quick and easy.