Making sports inclusive, fun and safe for young people aged 5-14 of any gender and ability.

We believe that every young person should have the opportunity to play sports including football without any barriers or pressure. Our sports coaching and participation services ensure all young people feel included and safe whilst enjoying sports both in and outside of school.


As a result of our aim to provide inclusive, safe and fun sports coaching and participation to all young people aged 5-14 we provide all-encompassing sports coaching and participation services across school P.E sessions, extra-curricular football clubs and school holiday football camps. Find out more about each of our services below.


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We understand that running a school is a challenging job. It involves managing various tasks that demand precious resources like time, staff, and money. However, we strongly believe that every child should have the chance to enjoy playing a range of sports, both inside and outside of school hours. That’s why our team of expert coaches are fully committed to delivering high-quality P.E. for a variety of sports and/or extra-curricular football sessions in your school. By doing so, we aim to make it more convenient and less resource intensive.

Accessible, fun and safe sports sessions

Making P.E sports and extracurricular football accessible, fun, and safe for all children, regardless of their age, gender or abilities, is the main focus of our services.

Safe and secure

Our P.E sports and extracurricular football sessions offer a secure and safe environment for kids to have fun playing sports with their friends, while also relieving the burden on schools and parents.

Expertise and Quality

Our well-trained and experienced coaches are qualified to deliver reliable and quality P.E sports and extracurricular football sessions, whether on school grounds or elsewhere.

Zero admin & demand on schools

We want to help schools as much as the pupils so we can collaborate with teachers or take full control of delivering P.E sessions and after school clubs, if required.

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Schools we're currently working with

Our commitment to make sports inclusive for kids of all ages, genders and abilities extends to also partnering with various schools, including primary, secondary, and SEN schools. Check out the diverse schools we currently partner with to provide accessible, enjoyable, and safe P.E sports and extracurricular football clubs for everyone.

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Stay up to date on all the latest industry updates coming out of the education and health and fitness industries as well as DDivine Training company news to ensure your pupils or child enjoy football and stay healthy. 


Every child deserves the chance to participate in variety of sports in P.E and also extracurricular football clubs without obstacles. Our trained and qualified coaches minimise barriers to participation, freeing up school resources. We are already working with 18 schools, if you’re interested in high-quality, fun, safe and inclusive P.E and/or extracurricular, contact our friendly team below – it’s quick and easy.