Let’s solve your question about our football coaching and participation services

We hope you find the answer to your question about any of our football coaching and participation services below. If not, you can contact us and a member of our team will be happy to answer any further questions.

If you're a school

Making football inclusive for your pupils and developing them as players is our mission, contact us through our website by clicking here to get your school started and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

At the beginning of each term, our qualified coaches carefully plan sessions to align with the national curriculum’s targets for each key stage. We ensure lessons are inclusive for all abilities whilst also providing progressive tasks for individuals capable of advancing. 

We’ll notify the school office promptly, and another qualified coach will step in to run the session. If it’s their first visit to the school, they’ll provide ID and an Enhanced DBS upon arrival. 

Firstly, our expert coaches plan every session ahead of time and review it with the school. Before every session we start by taking the register after that the activities will vary depending on which extra-curricular club it is: 

  • Breakfast club – Our trained coaches work closely with P.E teachers to support and align with the sport they are focusing on in P.E at the time and provide high-quality sessions around this. 
  • After-school clubs – These sessions usually last 1 hour, starting with a 10-minute warm-up session followed by a skill-developing activity and finishing with a football match to implement the skill. 

Arrange a meeting with our friendly director Danny Divine by completing a quick enquiry form. 

If you're a parent

Making football inclusive for your child and developing them as a player is our missioncontact us through our website by clicking here to get your child started and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

During half-term and development sessions, we offer tax free childcare if you’re entitled to it. Additionally, we provide a discounted rate for siblings. 

Booking in your child in advance is strongly advised. However, if space is available on the day, last-minute reservations may be possible. 

Give us a call on 07456 460 793 and we will support you with the booking process.

Let us know which dates your child cannot attend at the beginning of the term and we will adjust the fee accordingly. 

Football boots are not compulsory to attend our school football clubs, however we highly recommend them during school terms 3 and 4 due to the slippery conditions during this time of year. 

As well as free school meals, children who qualify for the HAF programme can also claim free meals during our holiday camps (insert link to holiday camp pages) when you apply through holidayactivities.com. Free meals through the HAF programme are available to children if you are in receipt of one of the qualifying benefits, and have a claim verified by your school or local authority. Check your eligibility and apply for free school meals on the Gov website.


Every child deserves the chance to participate in variety of sports in P.E and also extracurricular football clubs without obstacles. Our trained and qualified coaches minimise barriers to participation, freeing up school resources. We are already working with 18 schools, if you’re interested in high-quality, fun, safe and inclusive P.E and/or extracurricular, contact our friendly team below – it’s quick and easy.