The academy of woodlands case study with DDivine Training

DDivine helps the Academy of Woodlands increase pupils engagement and attainment in after school clubs

Academy of Woodlands is a 3-form entry school known for its strong focus on physical education, competitiveness in school sports and consistently positive Ofsted reports. Additionally, the academy emphasises creating a caring community where everyone is valued and supported in their growth, with a commitment to the development and well-being of each child at the core of all activities.

Academy of Woodlands strives to provide a safe, loving, and respectful environment that encourages children to reach their fullest potential. 

Challenge faced by Academy of Woodlands:

Academy of Woodlands aimed to consistently engage students in physical activities that promote good behaviour and enable them to represent the school in competitive football. However, they encountered challenges due to lack of time and resources to organise these activities regularly and were unsure where to find reliable, trustworthy, and professional support. 

Why Academy of Woodlands Chose DDivine Training?

We were already working with a number of schools in the area and our aim was to support as many school as possible, so we reached out Academy of Woodlands via email which was the first touchpoint. After finding out more about their situation and their aims, we highlighted how our school football league could help them overcome the challenges they faced in achieving their goals mentioned above.

We asked Brad Collin at Academy of Woodlands why they decided to join our school football league and Brad said: 

“DDivine Training’s school football league provided the competitive element we were looking for and the staff provided regular communications and showed great organisation and so we had no concerns or hesitations”. 


After becoming a partner with DDivine training and joining the school football league Academy of Woodlands noted that firstly, pupils showed a desire to represent the school in football further increasing their engagement with the school. On top of that, the school also noted that attainment of children increased in both male and female pupils.

Another significant outcome after providing students the opportunity represent the school in competitive football games through our School football league was increased engagement with school clubs.

Finally, another result of joining our School football league was that Academy of Woodlands participated in 2 fixtures per term, totalling 10 per year, with referees’ match reports and league structure provided as part of our services. 

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