Bligh Primary School case study with DDivine Training

Providing opportunities for pupils to participate and represent the school competitively in football at Bligh Primary School through DDivine Training

Bligh Primary School in Strood is a 3-form entry school that make it their responsibility to provide their students with a wide range of diverse opportunities. Bligh Primary School’s core values prioritise ensuring that children are ‘Ready, Respectful, and Safe’. Additionally, the school aim to empower children to make choices about their futures and pursue their passions, which includes sport and football. 

Challenge faced by Bligh Primary School:

Bligh Primary School, driven by their values of providing opportunities and empowering children to pursue their passions approached us with the goal of providing more football opportunities for their students to represent the school competitively. However, they faced challenges due to limited time and resources to organise regular activities and were unsure where to find reliable, trustworthy, and professional support. 

Why Bligh Primary School Chose DDivine Training?

With the aim of providing opportunities for their students to represent Bligh Primary School competitively against others schools, our school football league provided the perfect solution. We contacted Bligh Primary School via email, explaining that joining our league would allow their pupils to represent the school in matches against local schools, with all fixtures and organisation taken care of by us, requiring no additional admin or resources from them. Given our successful track record with other schools, Bligh Primary School happily joined our league without hesitation. 


After joining our school football league Bligh Primary School have successfully achieved their goal of providing students with the opportunity for pupils to compete in sports outside of school against other schools regularly with 20 pupils taking part. Not only that, Bligh Primary School have participated in 2 fixtures per term, 10 per year and have had referees match reports and league structure provided within our services. 

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